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  • Choices, voices….learning skills for life

    Choices, voices….learning skills for life

  • Passionately supporting RESILIENCE in early learning

    Passionately supporting RESILIENCE in early learning

  • An intentional environment of meaningful exploration and discovery

    An intentional environment of meaningful exploration and discovery


Caterpillar Room

for 0-2 years Babies

Butterfly Room

for 2-3 years Pre-Kinder

Rainbow Room

for 3-6 years Kinder

Welcome to Six Hats

At Six Hats Early Childhood Service we believe each child is a unique individual in their own right and that their special abilities and interests contribute meaningfully to our diverse community.  We work in partnership with families to provide quality care through an educational program nurtured in a welcoming, secure and authentic environment.  We believe in taking the time to build reciprocal, trusting relationships so each child and their family feels a sense of belonging.

Our programs facilitate development of the following skills: enquiry, problem-solving, healthy relationships, resilience, persistence, physical strength and coordination, healthy choices.  This is accomplished through a holistic, play-based, school-readiness program co-constructed with the children to investigate children’s interests and make new discoveries.

The Six Hats School Readiness Program begins from birth.  We offer….

  • A literacy program rich in phonemic awareness
  • A science and math program rich in enquiry based experiences
  • A nutrition program rich in garden sustainability and cooking experiences
  • An arts program rich in visual and dramatic expression experiences
  • A movement program rich in dance, music, yoga, brain gym and other gross motor experiences
  • Empowerment though partnering with our children to drive our curriculum, and
  • Supported guidance in relationship building through our partnership with KidsMatter.


you are much more than a day care centre…the children are starting to get and education and learn routines ready for  

Parent Survey Response, Newcastle

weekly happenings

Friday 14 July, 2017

Friday 14 July, 2017

CATERPILLAR ROOM: Hello to all of our Caterpillar families, Another week has passed us by and we have had just as much fun as always. This week we have been continuing to celebrate NAIDOC week focusing on the culture and the traditions of Australia’s Indigenous and Torres Straight Islander people with whom we hold a […]

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