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Friday 14 July, 2017


Hello to all of our Caterpillar families,

Another week has passed us by and we have had just as much fun as always. This week we have been continuing to celebrate NAIDOC week focusing on the culture and the traditions of Australia’s Indigenous and Torres Straight Islander people with whom we hold a great amount of respect.  Although the Caterpillars are young we have explored the basics of the culture with the children looking at Indigenous people, “Bush Tucker” which the children LOVED and also we have been watching dream time stories such as Tiddilick the frog and how the birds got their colours.  The children have also been exploring the colours on the Aboriginal flag creating their own versions in paintings using brushes but also natural products such as sticks and rocks. Although the children do not quite understand the concept it is an important time to introduce other cultures within Australia.

We have also been taking advantage of the sunny weather for most of this week spending lots and lots of time outside working on our climbing, jumping and sand castle building which always great fun! 

The Caterpillar Team



Hi Butterfly families what a busy couple of weeks we have had. There has been lots of different experiences and learning happening in the Butterfly Room over this time.

We have welcomed some new friends graduating from the Caterpillar Room and now they are Butterflies, welcome to Neve and Finn. We also are losing a couple of Butterflies over the next few week as they transition to the preschool. We will be sad to see them go but happy that they are growing and learning and ready for the next stage of the Six Hats family.

There has been some interest in trains as Tom brought in his train book for us to read and it started a group train craze in which we discussed, watched videos and did some art experiences about trains.

The children have continued their interest and learning of letter and name recognition as they progressed from recognising their first initial of their name to now recognising their whole name. This has been happening at transition times as they sight and say their name before transitioning to wash their hands. Those who are still learning to recognise their name are helped by their peers so its a group learning experience each time.

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a big focus on developing the childrens scissor skills. We have been developing this learned skills throughout the year by first introducing plastic scissors with the playdough so the children can practise this skills safely and have now moved to metal scissors with paper and have been focusing on the childrens grip and control.

As a follow up to Naidoc week we have continued reading some Aboriginal stories and art and have also been singing an Aboriginal lullaby with the children and using the tapping sticks. The songs called Ina Nay Cappuana and the children have been very involved and really enjoy tapping in time and singing along with the words.

Over the last couple of weeks we have also been focusing on discussion about sharing, respecting each other and being kind. During the childrens free play the children have been demonstrating these qualities in their social play and we have been reading books about these topics also. The train set, multicultural people and furniture, and outside play with the trucks have been experiences which have challenged the childrens cooperation and sharing but they have proven that this focused learning is helping them to use these skills in their interaction with their peers and educators.

Due to the cold weather we have been learning about the Australian winter. We have also compared our Winter to other countries being more rain and wind and less snow than other colder countries. We have involved the children in art depicting Aussie Winter such as rain drops and clouds. This also led to discussion about snow and also then to Polar animals which all the children love to learn about. During Yarn circle we have watched videos on penguins, Polar bears, Orcas and also about snow activities such as skiing and snowman making. We have made snow paint and also did some ice painting.

The children through their imaginative play also began an interest in Pirates this week with it beginning just from some boxes which became  Pirate ships. We then added some treasure and a treasure chest and a wooden pirate ship also. This was very popular but the children played cooperatively and shared the ship and the treasure. This played then extended to the outdoors as the children then built a pirate ship using the waffle blocks.

Regards the Butterfly Team


This week we continued to explore NAIDOC week. We placed sand trays on the light table and the children really enjoyed using their fingers to create Aboriginal symbols in the sand. This then led to many of the children attempting to write their names in the sand too. We also had a look at the art work the Torres Strait Islanders create, with many of their works revolving around the ocean. The children then created their own ocean inspired art work with beautiful green, blue and white paints.
The interest in books has continued this week as well. We have read many Dr Seuss books, Julia Donaldson books and Disney books.
The children have also enjoyed showing off their dancing skills, with a big interest in ballet music in particular. The children have been dressing up and putting on shows for their friends on the stage.
Writing has been another big interest this week, with many children spending quite a bit of time engaging at the craft table using the white boards and paper to write letters to each other, write their names and create detailed pictures.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
The Rainbow Room Team

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