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Friday 2 June, 2017


Hello Caterpillar Families,

This week it has been all about our dramatic play and books! In the Caterpillar room we have now moved on from the babies in our home corner and created a food/café area where the children are able to set the scene… and also the table! And create their own games and interpretation on what they can do with the food and cooking utensils. This home corner is great for the children as they are able to work on multiple skills such as cognitive (learnings fruits, veg, colours), Fine motor (picking up the different objects based on shape, size), Gross motor (stirring in the bowls using the spoons, picking up the cups to pretend to drink) plus it is also great for their social skills as the children effectively learn how to develop relationships with their peers and negotiate roles within a group experience and how to share.

We have also been very focused on books this week, we have been reading the very hungry caterpillar pop-up book (this is our favourite at the moment) along with the Cranky bear collection books where the children get very excited and are able to do all the actions with the educators as they read. It is wonderful to see the growing interest the children have in books and we hope it will continue.

Have a great weekend everybody and see you next week!

The Caterpillar Educators



Hi Butterfly families, it’s been a fantastic week in the Butterflies.

Yes well winter is here and we have been feeling it this week. Please remember to pack some warm clothing for your child as we still go outside to play, so a warm jacket and beanie would be preferable. Also a blanket at rest time so they can sleep warm and comfortably please.

The children‘s interest in the dinosaurs has been replaced with a new interest in spiders which the children initiating this by seeing a web outside and then asking the educators “How do spiders make webs?”. We looked at this question in yarn circle and watched an interesting video of a spider doing this. We then decided that we would make our own spider webs  as an art project , we did so by doing some marble painting with white paint on black cardboard creating a web effect. This then became our backdrop for our spider interest area which we later populated with ‘Collage spiders’ which the children created in another art experience. The children have been role playing using the spider figures and learning lots of information about spiders through books, pictures and asking the educators questions and also through use of the internet. They have learnt the most important rule if they see a spider “Don’t touch”.

There has been some continued interest in the Aussie animal’s area but the children’s varying and ever changing interests have seen some decline of interest in this area so next week we will look to the children for some new inspiration how to vary or change this area to something different

We have continued engaging the children in some more cooking experiences this week with the return of the ‘Pumpkin pancakes’ being a big hit using of course our wonderful Six Hats pumpkins in the mix. On Tuesday Frankie was cooking some pikelets in the outdoor kitchen so we then cooked some real ones inside which were also a popular addition to the menu. We also used some of our pumpkins to cook some pumpkin fritters which were equally delicious. It seems that if you can’t get your child to eat veges at home try some of these pumpkin recipes at home as most of the children have been asking for 2nd and 3rd helpings.

The interest in the play kitchen has been ongoing and been renewed as we added some new resources such as new foods, utensils and props. The birthday cake and birthday candles have been popular as the children role play birthday parties and group cooking sessions. Through the odd renegotiation using popular items the children have managed to cooperate and share and there has been some lovely conversations and imaginative scenarios happening in their play.

The children have been enjoying engaging in group games this week also with it being from running races outside to playing hide’n’seek inside and then using their memory recall skills engaging in a game of memory by adding and removing objects and then covering them with a blanket. The children proved to be very interested in this game and have demonstrated some very impressive memory recall skills.

We will continue playing this game again next week but changing the objects used.

Using stories this week it has prompted some good moral based discussions and questions at yarn circle. We read ‘The mango tree which raised the moral question about ‘sharing’ which is always an ongoing learning behaviour in the Butterfly Room. Joshua also mentioned how his mum reads him “the goose that laid the golden egg’ story at home so we thought we would read that to the group which prompted discussion about greed and again the need to share and considering others.

Dancing and music have been popular this week with the children voicing some of their radio favourites that the like to dance and sing along with, which we have played and all danced to here. The children have also enjoyed singing and doing actions to some of their favourite finger rhymes and settling songs which we all know and sing often in the room.

There has been lots of interest in colour this week so we brought down all the various colour drippers from the preschool for the children to play with. It prompted lots of discussion about colours and the different levels of understanding that the children are at with identifying them. So we will look to set up some experiences next week to work on developing their knowledge of colours and mixing of them.

See you all next week.

Regards the Butterfly Team



This week the children have been really enjoying exploring the world, especially the countries their families originated from. We created a world map with photos of the children around the different countries their families have come from. This has created a lot of great discussion and has led us to read some really interesting books. One of the children’s favourite is a book which explores the different festivals all around the world. Thank you to all the families for sharing with us your family heritage, it has been an invaluable contribution which has made this interest much more meaningful for the children.
Another big interest this week has been beading. The children have been sitting together in large groups and engaging in beading together. This interest has allowed the children to strengthen their concentration, focus and fine motor skills.
The interest in fire trucks have continued outside so the educators have contacted the local fire brigade and they will be paying us a visit on the 15th of this month. If you would like your child to participate please see the educators for a permission form.
Have a wonderful weekend!
The Rainbow Room Team

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