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Friday 25 August, 2017


This week we have been learning more about our jungle animals…the Caterpillars looked at a photo of a lion, tiger, elephant and a zebra and used the colours provided to them to paint their own representation of how each animal looks.  To celebrate we displayed them with our jungle area so the children could look at their creations… G also asked to paint a crocodile “Snap, snap” and chose the colours green and brown.  The Caterpillars took the opportunity to paint a crocodile to take home!  The Caterpillars have also been really excited about looking at their family pictures on the family wall again this week, pointing out their pets, parents and other family members. With Kenny and Amylea’s encouragement, the Caterpillars have been really focusing on taking care of their belongings, putting things in their bags, packing away toys when they’re finished and further developing their self help skills…

Until next week, the Caterpillar team



Hi Butterfly families, we’ve had a fun and industrious week in the Butterfly Room this week.

We have continued our project on spring this week through different sorts of art expression from painting a big caterpillar and lady beetle to folding our art together to make butterflies. The children were also very excited to see a real butterfly close up as it sat on an educator’s hand.

We have been also been investigating various videos, songs and stories based around spring and insects and how they relate to spring, their life cycle and how they benefit nature and also us as people living in the environment.

We have also been busy preparing some gifts for our dads for father’s day next week. Making some sauce, some spice rub and making some beautiful picture frames to show our dad or our loved ones how much we appreciate them.

Also as the weather is beginning to warm up we have been practicing engaging the children in circle games such as Sandy girl, ‘Doggy Doggy’ and also a new one, the honey bear game.  This is as the afternoons are warmer we stay out longer join with the preschool in circle games. This is a great way for the children to engage with the older children while practising social skills such as turn taking, understanding rules and gaining confidence as well as listening and expressive language skills.

The children have expressed different forms of interest this week also which we have explored during yarn circle of throughout the day such as F wanted to learn about clouds, R was interested in bonfires and B wanted to read ‘Room on the broom, which we did and then watched a cartoon version on the internet also.

Puzzles of increasing complexity have been of interest this week also with some children collaborating to solve them and then also then trying to complete without assistance of their peers or educators and succeeding. It’s evident in children’s cognitive development as they are moving away from simple knob puzzles to more multi piece jigsaw puzzles.

We are continuing our look at different cultures also with lots of cooking of Naan bread and also some various dips. We have also been engaging in some multicultural art such as Chinese and aboriginal art and also investigating the meaning behind the differences in the art forms and the cultures compared to our own culture. It teaches children that difference is positive and to embrace people and art  from all over our beautiful world.

Until next week, kind regards the Butterfly team



This week has been a very special week in the Rainbow Room, as it has been Book Week! This has meant our friends have dressed up and shared their favourite books with their friends and educators throughout the week. In addition to book week, we have also been discussing Father’s Day this week and have been busy making our gifts for our Dads or other special family members.
Outside, the children have been working together in the sand pit to create tunnels, castles, and roads using big plastic pipes. The children have also been experimenting with ways in which they can make their toy cars race faster by changing the angle of the pipes.
This week at Mayfield Aged Care the children sat with the residents and created animals with play dough before making a card for one of the nurses who had broken her leg.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
The Rainbow Room Team

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