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Friday 28 July, 2017


It’s pyjama week in the Caterpillar room! The Caterpillars have continued their interest in reading the cranky bear books and playing in the transport area.  G got creative and used the train tracks to create a rainbow! While we were playing outside L and G tasted the lilly-pillies fresh from the tree! The children have also been really excited to play with the dolls, pushing the prams around outside, giving them ‘baths’, dressing them, putting them to sleep, feeding and taking care of them.  Happy Birthday to out Caterpillar friend, A who turned 2 this week!


Hi Butterfly families, another busy week in the Butterfly Room we have had lots of fun.

We have continued our transition visits to the preschool for some of our older children and have been a great success. The children only having positive things to say about their transitioning experience and about the new friends and experiences that have had during their time in the preschool. Also our new Butterfly Room children that have transitioned from the Caterpillar Room over the last couple of weeks have also settled well and are making some positive new friendships and have been getting involved in some productive learning.

We have been focusing on some multicultural experiences over the last few weeks with the experiences ranging from music, art and also looking at traditional dance and costumes of the Torres Strait and Aboriginal people. We have been using some Aboriginal art as examples for the children to use while painting and providing them with similar colours to the picture and the children have been creating their own versions of these art works. By looking at the colours and shapes within these paintings it encourages the children to think about these aspects within their own work. We have also been exploring Aboriginal symbols which are on the light table and the children have been using these symbols to trace and also to follow the patterns using coloured stones creating patterns and again looking at shapes and colour choices.

During music experiences the children have been very enthusiastic about using tapping sticks which we have engaging in as small and whole group experiences. The children have been learning a couple of indigenous songs and have been learning the action and also tapping along to them using the tapping sticks. Using tapping sticks teaches children to listen to the rhythm and the timing of the songs and so really involves them in the experience and engages their body and mind in unison.

We have been continuing with name and letter recognition during transition times and the children are becoming more familiar with what their name visually looks like and also their first initial of their name.

We have continued our development and practising of the childrens scissor skills through the use of metal scissors cutting paper for the older children who are well practised and also with safety scissors with playdough for the younger children who are still learning this new skill.

Construction has been of great interest this week with the children engaging in building with their peers using the bright builders and they have created some very interesting constructions from space ships to cars. The children have been working together sharing space and resources and engaging in conversation and role play using the pieces that they have created.

Puzzles and pin boards have also been popular this week with the children using their fine motor skills and cognitive problem solving skills to engages in these experiences and take some quiet time out f their day to stop, sit and think. This is also nice to see and those also taking some quiet time to sit and look through books and/or pictures on the walls of themselves, their peers and their families.

Regards the Butterfly Team


This week the interest in Japan has continued. We have made our own sushi and Japanese coconut biscuits, created more paper lanterns and Koi fish kites. We have also been reading a book about Japan which also has several Japanese words throughout. The children have loved learning the new words, so much so that we looked into counting to ten in Japanese.
We have also welcomed several Butterfly children who have been transitioning up to the Rainbow Room this week. The children have spent a lot of time engaging in social play with one another, as they began to build new relationships with their peers.
Another big interest this week has been the game “trick sticks”. This game involves the children placing sticks into a cylinder before pouring marbles on top. The aim of the game is to pull the sticks out without the marbles falling. The children have used their negotiating skills, problem solving skills and communication and fine motor skills to cooperatively play this game in groups of four to five. To continue this interest we will endeavour to provide similar group games such as Mouse Trap or Marble racer.
And finally, thank you for your participation throughout pyjama week. The children have had so much fun showing off their pyjamas with their friends.
See you next week!
The Rainbow Room Team

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